About Us

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The Shakespeare’s England Explorer Pass is brought to you by Open Pass in partnership with Shakespeare’s England, the official tourism body for South Warwickshire and the surrounding areas.

Open Pass software connects and sells attraction tickets through a network of distribution partners as well as grouping them together for passes like The Explorer Pass.

Open Pass is provided by TWG Systems Ltd who have been building internet applications for 10 years. Six years ago they started concentrating on the tourism industry and Open Pass evolved from York Pass and software for managing Walking Tours. It is targeted to assist local tourist attractions who struggle to sell beyond their immediate area and links attractions to distribution partners such as hotels and tourist boards who then sell local experiences to their customers.

The core aim of Open Pass is to increase options within the tourism industry by linking attractions to as many buyers as possible and to create an easy and cost-effective way for visitors to enjoy all the attractions an area has to offer.

You can find out more about it here.